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What Haunts Thee by HearttheWolf
What Haunts Thee
I think this is the first actual picture of my comic characters that I uploaded here. That's actually kinda depressing.

Happy Belated Halloween!

Well, this is Shade and Zephyr. Shade being the one with the tail and Zephyr being the ghost. If you had flipped to the dreaded back of my gallery, you might find those names familiar. 

I'm loyal to my characters.
Phaze Verdith by HearttheWolf
Phaze Verdith
Don't have much to say here. He's really just an rp-only character XD. He's sorta half-ghost as he had barely any real weight so he just floats around to move.
Skillet the Absol/Meinfoo by HearttheWolf
Skillet the Absol/Meinfoo
Wow. My first official reference. 

When I first saw this guy I was like 'OMG. He's a rock-star.' So. What's a rock-star without a guitar? Also. I named him after one of my favorite bands - Skillet... who are apparently - according to google - a Christian rock band? Wat. I have a lot of their songs and I don't hear the Christian part.... Unless that means that they're just all Christians? 

Name: Skillet
Species: Absol/Meinfoo (Dark/Fighting)
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: 7/22/14

Level: 12
Start BA: 9
BA: 10

- Pound
- Perish Song
- Me First
- Razor Wind
- Detect
- Taunt
- Scratch
- Feint

Level-Up Log:
- PKMNation: OPEN Night and Blue Clutch - (Full Body(2)+Simple BG(1) 3 Levels
- This image - (Full Body(2) + Shading (2)) 4 Levels
PKMNation: Lightning Skillet - Full Body(2) X 2+Simple BG(1)=5 levels
The Paradox Caravan Reference Sheet by HearttheWolf
The Paradox Caravan Reference Sheet
It took me way too long to finish this x.x

For :iconpkmnation:

I drew all of this myself EXCEPT that spiral in the clock. I nabbed that of Google Images because I cant draw those things x.x.
Summer Cup Round 2 - 27 Triton vs Slack by HearttheWolf
Summer Cup Round 2 - 27 Triton vs Slack
OKAY. So, Only SLIGHTLY late this time (10 minutes... Because DA with it's glitching. What even is a 'Uncaught Exception'??).. So.. Hopefully I'm in the clear ^.^'

Since I was a bit late starting, I decided to make this comic sort of a continuation of ShadOBabe 's comic. This happened right after Slack used Dive on Triton - and despite the name, Triton is NOT a good swimmer. Slack is sitting there looking all happy for himself because he thought he'd already won the match.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I love Triton's expressions, and gawd it was fun to draw Slack (He looks adorable and I want one).  Only thing I don't like is the water. Iiiit was rushed. Very, very rushed. 

Triton learned Payback!

Level Distribution:

Full Body x1 (2 lvls) + Headshot x3 (3 lvls) + Chibi x1 (1 lvl) + Shading x4 (8 lvls) + Detailed Background x2 (4 lvls) + Simple Background x 3 (3 lvls) = 21 Lvls

Full Body x2 (4 lvls) + Shading x2 (4 lvls) + Detailed Background x2 (4 lvls) = 12 Lvls

Also. Ha ha. Just realized that in both my entries so far the colour of my Pokemon match the overall colours of the comic. x3

This is, again, from :icontheclockworkkid:

If you comment... I will...

1. Tell you what animal/creature you remind me of

2. Tell you what color I think fits you

3. Tell you how I feel about you

4. Insult you

5. Tell you my favorite OC of yours (if you have one)

6. Tell you what season you remind me of

7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head

8. Think of a random nickname for you 

9. Tell you what element you remind me of

10. Tell you to put this in your journal without using the words "tag" or "dare" (Don't care much about this one)

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Time on my Side - Homestuck Music
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Television.
  • Eating: Bistro Melt... thing
  • Drinking: Milk


Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Comic
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic!
Personal Quote: Trust me, I'll be like this forever. It's my thing ^.^

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Happy Birthday Elena :D!!! I really do hope that today will definitely turn out to be a memorable one for you ^_^!
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Hey, Thanks a lot~
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Oh. Thank you very much ^.^
I agree with you 100% on that comment that you posted on akai's drawing reference
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