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Cedric Philippe App - PKMN KA by HearttheWolf
Cedric Philippe App - PKMN KA
Name: Cedric Phillipe

Gender: Male

Pokémon Species: Hoppip

Birthday: May 15, 1997 (17)


Weight: 30lbs

Personality: Cedric is extremely insecure about his looks, he will try to hide what he truly looks like from anyone and everyone. However he is a terrible liar, and often stutters and stumbles when he tries to come up with something to explain something about himself. In fact, he would really rather to keep to himself at all times.

Most of his intentions are quite self-serving, and will direct conversations and lessons in class to speak about things he would rather talk about, as he is at the school for himself, he finds everything else taught at the school that doesn't apply to his potion-making to be stupid and he will probably not do it. 

Cedric will never let anyone drink his potions. Ever. They are exclusively made for him.

Finally, Cedric is very obsessed with power, and obtaining it - almost to the point of insanity. He will do anything if the end result is a power-up. Though sometimes he will snap himself out of it, power is one thing that will make him a bit nuts. This also comes into effect if he uses his own potions - however, he hardly ever does that. He often does struggle between being sensible and showing off 'his power' though.

History: As a young child, Cedric was always quite weak. Unfortunately, this was a trait of his species. Most hoppips wouldn't mind too much since they evolved at quite a low level, but Cedric was different. No matter how much he leveled up, he was unable to evolve. It was eventually found out that because of a rare disability, Cedric would never be able to evolve like the rest of his brethren.

This was more than world-shattering for the young hoppip. He was forced to sit back and watch as all his friends evolved and got stronger, while he was always pushed away and treated like a child. He dreaded living the rest of his life like this. He became obsessed with power, as well as those pokemon who were the most powerful of all - the legendaries. After all, they were so strong that some of them even had their own unique move! He had to harness that power. 

Cedric knew of potions that could enchant items with new abilities, and he knew of potions that had a healing effect on people. What if he combined both types? He would create a potion that would enchant a person with the powers of something else - a legendary perhaps? Then he wouldn't need evolution.

So he started working. Tirelessly. Obsessively. He shut himself away from the rest of the world, his friends, family. This was all that mattered right now. The power. He wouldn't be able to show his face to those that he cared about ever again if he was unable to achieve this. 

He eventually was able to collect the dna of four legendaries: Lugia, Shaymin, Latios, and Jirachi. His plan was that the potions he created would let him have a one-time use of each of these pokemon's special powers; being Aeroblast, Seed Flare, Luster Purge, and Doom Desire. Cedric was so sure it would work. 

He drank one. 




He tried another... Still nothing.

In a bout or frustration and rage, he downed the other two, and nothing still happened. He had no idea what he did wrong! Everything should have been perfect!

Then he felt something. Something wrong. Something painful. His entire body felt like it was being torn apart. Like razor blades were running through his bloodstream, or maybe tiny bombs. He felt like he was going to explode, if he didn't pass out from the pain first. Something needed to be let out - something strong - and if he didn't let it out, Cedric was quite sure he would die. So with one final heave of of his body, an enormous amount of energy exploded out of the boy's body. Energy that looked like four separate moves. Those moves being: ...
Aeroblast, Seed Flare, Luster Purge, and Doom Desire. 

When Cedric finally came to, his found his make-shift lab was destroyed. At first, he thought his experiment was a success. He knew it was those moves that he had used, maybe they just took a second to activate. He pushed himself up... or he tried to. His body felt... heavy. Being a hoppip, gravity had never really effected him much, but for some reason, he felt like parts of his body were just about ready to tear off of of him. He held his stomach. Wait- he did hold his own stomach, right? His hands looked... different. They were blue... and white... and... Realization hit him like a thunderbolt. Cedric scrambled across the floor - he needed to find a mirror, or something!  

But when he finally found his reflection... He wished he hadn't. What he saw wasn't a pokemon, it was more like a monster! A hideous jumble of random parts, barely being held together by his tiny, delicate body. No, this isn't what he wanted. 

Though he briefly thought about just letting his new accessories rip off his body, Cedric instead decided that instead of bleeding to death (which acting on the brief thought would have led to), he would sow the pieces on more tightly. He would hide them. Hide them as best he could, and study more potions. At a school maybe. Maybe with time he could reverse it. .... Or make it better. 

Hobbies: Most of Cedric's time is taken up by making and perfecting his potions, however, he is sometimes found outside on sunny days just relaxing and enjoying the weather. He enjoys high places, as it reminds him of when he used to be able to float around on the breeze.

Cedric is also quite knowledgeable on the stars and constellations, and thought he doesn't share anything about his potions, he will talk for a long time about stars. It's probably one of the only things that can spark a conversation with him. 

Terra. It suited him, as Cedric's goal is to have more power. 

Weapon: As a result of his 'accident', Cedric is now unable to use any of his normal Hoppip moveset. Nor is he able to access the legendary moves - at least, not without some help. In case of emergencies, Cedric does carry around vials of said legendary moves, and he is able to use one if he drinks the proper one (He'll drink the Latios one for Luster Purge, the Shaymin one for Seed Flare, and so on). However, this is EXTREMELY painful for him to do, and is used only for emergencies.  

Class/SubClass: Support/Alchemist. Cedric wants to learn as much as he can so he can eventually fix himself (Or perfect himself).

Extras/Fun Facts:

- Cedric still feels like his new parts are trying to tear off his body, thus he is usually always in pain. He doesn't show it as much anymore.

- Cedric looks up to all legendaries, and will act a bit like a wide-eyed child around them. Except if said legendary is one that he has fused himself with. He will still be enamored by them, but will be extremely embarrassed as well.  Don't be shocked if he asks for some DNA though.

- He can still somewhat float. If he is dropped from a high place, he will fall to the ground slower, and if a strong gust of wind hits, he probably still will get blown away. (Which is why he usually stays indoors on windy days.)

- Misses his family greatly, but doesn't think they'll accept him back until he succeeds in his experiment. So he usually refuses to talk about them.



W00t! Character Number 2. Little more ambitious for this one, but I think he's pretty cool.

The Biology and Study of Galvantula

By Valentine LaCross

Preliminary Research:

Galvantula is a Electric/Bug type Pokemon. Small and fast, their attacking arsenal is small at best, and useless at worst. For a fully evolved Pokemon, their base stats are unimpressive. They rely heavily on their electrified web, hoping to trap opponents and strike while they're incapacitated. Galvantulas are heavily effected by attacks of the Fire and Rock type, and resist Electric, Grass, Fighting, and Steel types. Which is a good assortment of resistances.  

This information is based only on the research of wild Galvantula, and though normal Galvantula do share some similarities of their wild counterparts, there are differences.

Field Research:

Subject: Aran Anida

From both watching her training, and fighting in a serious match, her strategy doesn't differ much from her feral brothers. Apart from the fact that she does not go for the final kill herself, as she is the healer, she allows others to do it – only hindering opponents. She used the web to not only slow our movements, but also to track our positions. I feel that her web abilities were severely underused, and with proper training and strategy, could have been much more of a threat to us than it was. For example, instead of limiting her web usage to the ground, she could have shot it at our hands to stop many of our attacks outright (Though, it didn't seem like she took the match all the seriously anyway).


Dealing with Galvantula is simple. If the web is already up, stay away from it, or get rid of it. If not, the element of surprise is crucial. Allowing this Pokemon any time to
set up at all could result in your swift defeat.

Fleetway SS by HearttheWolf
Fleetway SS
Wow it has been a while since I posted a sonic-y thing... or even DREW a sonic-y thing for that matter. But hey, when inspiration hits!

I don't own this dude. Sega own's Sonic, and STC owns this idea of Super Sonic. 
Valentine's Heart Chart by HearttheWolf
Valentine's Heart Chart
Well here it is. Val's heart chart. I'd like to direct your attention to the third heart. 'Targeted' usually means she plans to either kill you, or steal something from you in the future. Maybe both. 


 Apollo - "This Sceptile was the first person I met upon entering the academy, and seemed a bit wary of me. I feel I must be a bit more careful if I want that mega stone.

:iconaimno: Rum - "My roommate. She has nothing I want, and seems rather oblivious. I don't think she'll be perceptive enough to ask any questions, and even if she does, she'll probably believe anything I tell her. Which is good. I'd rather room with someone like that.

:iconnolanou: Nathaniel - "I've noticed this one around the school. I'm sure he looks familiar. If I'm right, why isn't he dead?" (OOC note: Me and Nathaniel's player had planned something, but they seemed to have disappeared for the time being. Idk if they're gonna return to the group, but hey! If you're seeing this, send me a reply!)

:iconhonuzer42: Wally - "Wally is quite odd, I've never met someone quite as feral as he is, and that in it self is quite... interesting. It's nice to not feel pressured into proper behavior around someone. Even though he is quite intrusive. Though, I do feel that perhaps that incident helped me somehow...

:icondapuffster: Wyatt - ".... Honestly I'd rather not speak much of this one. Sir Augustine and myself shared a rather... intimate moment. He's quite rude at times, and ... insulting, but I ... can't hurt him.

    - "I would still rather not speak about it, but we did share yet another intimate moment. It's quite clear that there may be... something between us. But that's all I am sharing."

:iconhowlthewolf: Domingo - "My attacker in the tournament. He is quite brutal and wild when he wants to be, which works well with our current dynamic. He's not exactly smart, but he knows how to stick to a plan and help when he is needed."

:iconsolsticeholt: Aran - "...Honestly, the school may be a quieter place without her. She's as dimwitted as she is loud, and flirts with everything that can be considered male. I will be taking that staff from her. If I have to pry it from her corpse to do so, then so be it."

:iconjibby691: Joseph - "The leader of our round one team. I have to say I was impressed by is physical abilities. However, he is loud, arrogant, and impulsive. These are not the qualities of a leader, and was a major contribution to our victory." 

:iconsnoopy1105: Marmalade - "Easily the least aggravating of the team, but clearly not ready for combat. She did well defending her teammates though, and I applaud her for that. I feel she has the capacity to fight bravely... This doesn't mean I forgive her for punching me in the face though. I realize it was a tournament, but it was still rather unexpected.."
Our Way - PKMN KA Assignment 1 by HearttheWolf
Our Way - PKMN KA Assignment 1
Our Way

By: Valentine LaCross


Hearts can be broken.

Souls can be crushed.

Hopes can be dashed.

And our lives can be ended.

It's the nature of others to stare death in the face everyday...

Our way is strength.

Our way is leading.

Our way is life.

Our way is hope.

And though we're strong, we have each other.

We are one, one in the same!

This chaos in the world, it frees us.

Frees us from the pain that would keep us down.

We will lead you though the darkness all around.

It's the way of the world to hurt you.

It's the way of the world to cause you pain.

But though the suffering just know that we are here to stay.


Our way is strength.

Our way is leading.

Our way is life.

Our way is hope.

And though we're strong, we have each other.

We are one, one in the same!

Our way is to lead you through this darkness.

Lead you though the darkness of this world.

We will be the light, the light that guides you all the way.

We are the hand that helps you up.

We are the heart that keeps you warm.

We are the knight that comes to save you in the war.


Our way is strength.

Our way is leading.

Our way is life.

Our way is hope.

And though we're strong, we have each other.

We are one, one in the same!

Our way will always be strength.

It will be leading.

It will be life.

It will be hope.

And though you're strong, we will be there.

Forever in your heart~

Forever in your heart...



Okay. Writing songs is hard. x.x I feel like I kinda suck at it. Oh well. I had the idea of her writing a song for this since the assignment was... well assigned. Since that's really the only creative thing she does regularly XD... and just drawing her playing the piano seemed a bit lame.

Also, I snatched that old paper looking background off google images. Thanks to whoever made it! It was a free stock image site so.

For: :iconpkmn-knight-academy:


This is, again, from :icontheclockworkkid:

If you comment... I will...

1. Tell you what animal/creature you remind me of

2. Tell you what color I think fits you

3. Tell you how I feel about you

4. Insult you

5. Tell you my favorite OC of yours (if you have one)

6. Tell you what season you remind me of

7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head

8. Think of a random nickname for you 

9. Tell you what element you remind me of

10. Tell you to put this in your journal without using the words "tag" or "dare" (Don't care much about this one)

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Time on my Side - Homestuck Music
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Television.
  • Eating: Bistro Melt... thing
  • Drinking: Milk


Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Comic
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic!
Personal Quote: Trust me, I'll be like this forever. It's my thing ^.^

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