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Our Way - PKMN KA Assignment 1 by HearttheWolf
Our Way - PKMN KA Assignment 1
Our Way

By: Valentine LaCross


Hearts can be broken.

Souls can be crushed.

Hopes can be dashed.

And our lives can be ended.

It's the nature of others to stare death in the face everyday...

Our way is strength.

Our way is leading.

Our way is life.

Our way is hope.

And though we're strong, we have each other.

We are one, one in the same!

This chaos in the world, it frees us.

Frees us from the pain that would keep us down.

We will lead you though the darkness all around.

It's the way of the world to hurt you.

It's the way of the world to cause you pain.

But though the suffering just know that we are here to stay.


Our way is strength.

Our way is leading.

Our way is life.

Our way is hope.

And though we're strong, we have each other.

We are one, one in the same!

Our way is to lead you through this darkness.

Lead you though the darkness of this world.

We will be the light, the light that guides you all the way.

We are the hand that helps you up.

We are the heart that keeps you warm.

We are the knight that comes to save you in the war.


Our way is strength.

Our way is leading.

Our way is life.

Our way is hope.

And though we're strong, we have each other.

We are one, one in the same!

Our way will always be strength.

It will be leading.

It will be life.

It will be hope.

And though you're strong, we will be there.

Forever in your heart~

Forever in your heart...



Okay. Writing songs is hard. x.x I feel like I kinda suck at it. Oh well. I had the idea of her writing a song for this since the assignment was... well assigned. Since that's really the only creative thing she does regularly XD... and just drawing her playing the piano seemed a bit lame.

Also, I snatched that old paper looking background off google images. Thanks to whoever made it! It was a free stock image site so.

For: :iconpkmn-knight-academy:

Valentine's Grade Tracker by HearttheWolf
Valentine's Grade Tracker
Wow. I have never spent so long writing a name x.x.

Well, not that this is up, all I gotta do is start submitting actual assignments. W00t.

Assignment 1: Our Way - PKMN KA Assignment 1
Sharha the Fusion Riolu by HearttheWolf
Sharha the Fusion Riolu
Well. Finally got to it. Here's a full-fledged ref of her. Got three more pictures ready right after.

Name: Shahra

Species: Riolu Fire Fusion
Gender: Female
Hatch Date - 27/06/14

Level: 56
Start BA: 11
BA: 20

- Foresight
- Quick Attack
- Endure
- Flare Blitz

Level Up Log:
-  Clutch Image -… (Full Body, Shading, Simple Background) + 5
37. JKMeiLinh vs HearttheWolf - ( 3 Full Body + 3 Shadings + 2 Detailed Background + Simple Background ) + 35
37. Chika versus Shahra - LATE ENTRY - (Full Body x4 (8 lvls) + Headshots x3 (3 lvls) + complex background x3 (6 lvls) + simple background x2 (2 lvls) + Shading x7 (14 levels) = 33 Levels) = 33
- This image - (Full Body (2 lvls) + Shading (2lvls) = 4lvls

Fun Fact: The name 'Shahra' is a reference to Sonic and the Secret Rings, as the ring's genie is named the same. The flames on her SO reminded me of that game.   
Valentine LaCross App - PKMN - KA by HearttheWolf
Valentine LaCross App - PKMN - KA

Name: Valentine LaCross (Or ‘Val’ for short)

Gender: Female

Pokémon Species: Larvesta

Birthday: October 6th 1995

Height: 5’0

Weight: 75 lbs.

Personality: Polite and proper, Valentine always tries to make a good impression. While she is rather friendly to everyone – hardly ever getting mad or even frustrated, something about the way she talks always makes her seem distant. She tends to try and keep everyone at arm’s length. Val is a very quiet girl, and tends to try and keep conversations short and sweet.

Valentine is extremely studious, she doesn't seem to even know the meaning of ‘free time’. When not in class, you can always find her either in the practice range, in the library, or in her room practicing piano. Though she always makes sure to make time in her schedule for any and all social events.

History: On the surface, the LaCross family seems like an average high-class family. They have a large castle, rooms filled with gold and riches, and books filled with their noble lineage.

But that’s just on the surface. What no one knows is where all these riches came from.

In reality, the LaCross family is a family of thieves and assassins. Every ounce of wealth they own had been stolen from someone, somewhere, somehow. Everything from pickpocketing to assassinations, you can bet that someone in the LaCross family has done it. However, to keep up their ruse, they must keep their appearances. Valentine’s parents – Argus and Ruby LaCross – make a showing to many high-class events, mingle with other nobles, and even host their own parties now and again. After all, they must not be suspected by anyone.

Valentine herself was raised in a rather isolated environment – only being exposed to society when she accompanied her parents to a formal event. She was home-schooled by her parents, and was taught how to be a proper lady of noble blood. To be quiet, polite and accommodating... around other people anyway.
But that wasn’t the extent of her parents’ teachings. After all, she had to keep her family’s secret legacy. Even from a very young age, Val was never allowed to form any relationships between herself and others of her age – after all, all of them would eventually become targets.
She was trained to move quietly through the darkness, and strike with deadly accuracy – like her parents before her.

Valentine was enrolled in Yarelts partly to add to their family’s ruse- as the school is one of the most respectable and noble schools in Tora, but also to add to her strength.

Hobbies: Val doesn’t have many hobbies to speak of, as most of her time is dedicated to studying or practicing her art. However, she was classically trained in playing the piano, which she does play at least once a day. She also does devote some of her time to stealing from others – which she may or may not return to them depending on which would give more benefits to her.

House: Cobal. As Cobalion was the one who most stood for truth and justice, it would provide the best cover for her true intentions.

Weapon: Valentine carries two small, average looking, wooden bows - but no arrows. What she uses in their stead are long, red needles which she can create with her magic. The needles' magic qualities allow them to melt through almost any metal, and shoot a clean shot through multiple targets – cauterizing the wound as it goes through. She is able to shoot up to six of these needles at once – three arrows per bow (She can use both bows at once thanks to her four arms).

Class/SubClass: Mage/Mage-Bow. Though joining in the Rouge-Thief class would be the easiest for her, it was decided that enrolling in such a class may reveal too much about her family. Val decided to go with the Mage-Bowman class, as she thought it would add the most to her arsenal.

Extras/Fun Facts:

  • Val is a bit of a kleptomaniac. Obviously. However, she does tend to eye things she wants to steal quite often.

  • In private, Valentine sings as she plays the piano.

  • Refuses to ever take a shower or bath. She will clean herself using other methods. Like a flamethrower.
        - To add to this, if Val ever DOES get wet, she almost instantly looses her normal cool persona. During this time, her magic needles are pretty much useless... Though she might try to hit you with them anyway.

  • Loves the fact that she’s away from her parents, and gets to make her own decisions without them looking over her shoulder.

  • When meeting someone for the first time, or seeing someone of importance, she will always curtsy.

  • Is ambidextrous… On all four hands. Which she jokingly calls 'quadridextrous'.   


Phew. There it is.

For :iconpkmn-knight-academy:

This is, again, from :icontheclockworkkid:

If you comment... I will...

1. Tell you what animal/creature you remind me of

2. Tell you what color I think fits you

3. Tell you how I feel about you

4. Insult you

5. Tell you my favorite OC of yours (if you have one)

6. Tell you what season you remind me of

7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head

8. Think of a random nickname for you 

9. Tell you what element you remind me of

10. Tell you to put this in your journal without using the words "tag" or "dare" (Don't care much about this one)

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Time on my Side - Homestuck Music
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Television.
  • Eating: Bistro Melt... thing
  • Drinking: Milk


Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Comic
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic!
Personal Quote: Trust me, I'll be like this forever. It's my thing ^.^

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