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Who You Are - Blair and Gear by HearttheWolf
Who You Are - Blair and Gear
My first traditional upload in a while, but I love the way it turned out! I killed my red and grey pencil crayons though..

On the red side is Blair (also known as Flint), and on the grey side is Gear. I'm not going to say too much about them since I don't want to spoil a part in my story, but they are connected in some way..
Ace and Sight - Hide by HearttheWolf
Ace and Sight - Hide
Wow. This picture took freaking ever! But I love it.

It's my first full picture with my OCs. Background and everything!

Ace and Sight belong to me! Keep an eye out for a lot more of them! I got a couple more pictures on the way!
Turbo Sketches by HearttheWolf
Turbo Sketches
Well, it's not my normal style to upload sketches, but hey. I wanted to upload this.

Turbo is awesome x3 Movie is one of my favorites, and the TV Show is pretty darn funny as well. I just had to draw him.

I seem to have a thing for superfast animal characters. 
Jessi - Kick by HearttheWolf
Jessi - Kick
It's so depressing how many pictures I have of my own characters, and how many of them are unfinished. I really need to put more of these guys up here.

Anyway, This is Jessi. She's one of my characters from my comic idea. Not the main character, but one of the side charcaters. 
Klonoa by HearttheWolf
I gotta say, I always loved this guy's design (probably because he looks like he came right out of the Sonic Universe). I was a fan of the online comic series, but I only just recently picked up a game of his - Klonoa: Empire of Dreams - which is really fun! So I decided to draw him, and thus, this drawing!

I also think he would be a great addition to the Smash 4 roster.
        Dreams of Victory!

This is, again, from :icontheclockworkkid:

If you comment... I will...

1. Tell you what animal/creature you remind me of

2. Tell you what color I think fits you

3. Tell you how I feel about you

4. Insult you

5. Tell you my favorite OC of yours (if you have one)

6. Tell you what season you remind me of

7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head

8. Think of a random nickname for you 

9. Tell you what element you remind me of

10. Tell you to put this in your journal without using the words "tag" or "dare" (Don't care much about this one)

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Personal Quote: Trust me, I'll be like this forever. It's my thing ^.^

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